Sublime Confluence: The Music of Lou Harrison

Saturday, March 5, 2011, 8:00 p.m.
Lisner Auditorium at the George Washington University.

Lou Harrison (1917-2003) is a great California composer whose music is little heard in the Eastern United States. Drawing on the fragrant poetry of Indonesian gamelan music, he achieved a serene synthesis of Western and Eastern modes.

The Los Angeles Times‘s Mark Swed called his monumental Piano Concerto the supreme American achievement in this form. Join us for a unique opportunity to sample the life and work of an American master in a special evening combining gamelan, film, and orchestra.

Traditional: Javanese gamelan music.
Harrison: Concerto for Piano and Javanese Gamelan, movement one (1986-87). Lisa Moore, piano.
Harrison: Bubaran Robert for Trumpet and Javanese Gamelan (1976/1981). Chris Gekker, trumpet.
Harrison: Piano Concerto (1985). Benjamin Pasternack, piano.
Harrison: Four Strict Songs for chorus and orchestra (1955). André Lamar Smith, soloist.
Discussion with the artists.


Benjamin Pasternack, Lisa Moore

Chris Gekker

Post-Classical Ensemble
Angel Gil-Ordóñez, conductor

The Wesleyan University Gamelan Ensemble
Sumarsam and Harjito, directors

The George Washington University Chamber Singers
Gisele Becker, director
André Lamar Smith, baritone

Film Clips
From Eva Soltes’ documentary Lou Harrison: A World of Music

Bill Alves

Violin 1
David Salness, Concertmaster
Claudia Chudaco
Reiko Niiya-Chow
Cristina Constantinescu
Jennifer Rickard
Jonathan Richards

Violin 2
Sally McLain, Principal
Erika Sato
Jennifer Himes
Alexandra Mikhlin
Lisa Cridge

Chris Shieh, Principal
Paul Swantek
Greg Rupert
Chelsey Green

Kerry van Laanen, Principal
Marion Baker
Sean Neidlinger

Marta Bradley, Principal
Bob Kurz

Barry Hearne, Principal
Chris Clark
David Taylor

Doug Wallace, Principal
Danny Villanueva
Chris de Chiara
Joanna Dabrowska

Caroline Hudson, Principal
Rebecca Smith

Kathryn Brake

Chris Gekker


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Listen to a 2002 interview of Lou Harrison (American Mavericks: An interview with Lou Harrison).

In collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy, the Film Division of the National Gallery of Art, The George Washington University, and Wesleyan University. This festival is made possible with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, and The Aaron Copland Fund for Music.