Interpreting Ives

Saturday, November 5, 2011 @ 3:30 – 6:40 pm
The Music Center at Strathmore
Bethesda, MD
Tickets $15

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An intimate Ives immersion experience – mingle with artists, scholars and music lovers, with Joseph Horowitz on Ives and the 21st Century; Jeremy Denk on Ives and Beethoven (lecture/performance), Tom Owens on Ives’ letters, and William Sharp on the parlor sources of Ives’ songs (lecture/performance).

Joseph Horowitz, [highlight3]Ives and the 21st Century[/highlight3]
Jeremy Denk, [highlight3]Ives and Beethoven[/highlight3]
Tom Owens, [highlight3]The Letters of Charles Ives[/highlight3]
William Sharp, [highlight3]The Parlor Sources of Ives’ Songs[/highlight3]