Saturday, January 31, 2009
Georgetown University
Davis Performing Arts Center – Gonda Theatre
Washington, DC

In 1953 Aaron Copland was subpoenaed by Senator Joseph McCarthy and asked about his dealings with Communists. How did the Red Scare impact on the artistic and national identity of America’s most famous concert composer? Our program traces his compositional odyssey: from student years to modernism, to 1930s populism and political radicalism, to a cerebral “late style.”

A Post-Classical Production with Benjamin Pasternack, pianist;
Georgetown University Concert Choir and Chamber Singers; actors from Georgetown’s Theater and Performance Studies Program.
Aaron Copland: Cat and Mouse; Piano Variations;
Scherzo (from Piano Sonata); Piano Fantasy
Copland: “Into the Streets May First” (audience sing-along).

Plus a re-enactment of Copland’s testimony before Senator
Joseph McCarthy’s Subcommittee on Special Investigations;
and excerpts from the new Post-Classical Ensemble Naxos DVD
of the classic 1939 documentary film The City, with music by Aaron Copland.

Benjamin Pasternack, Pianist
Mike Mitchell as Aaron Copland
Clark Young as Senator Joseph McCarthy
Patrick Warfield as Roy Cohn
GU Concert Choir (C. Paul Heins, Director)
Commentary by Angel Gil-Ordóñez, Joseph McCartin, Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett and Patrick Warfield

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